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Grow your own food. Create your own garden in any space. No experience required.

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By Michael Moll



Living in cities we are moving further away from our connection to nature and the environment.  As urban spaces become denser, our lifestyles get faster and more competitive with space coming at a premium.  The knowledge of where our food comes from and how to grow is being lost as we increasingly do our hunting and gathering from a supermarket.  

But what if you could enjoy an abundance of fragrant herbs or the crisp sweetness of a carrot straight from home?  This is a distant dream for many of us.  Where would you even begin?  There are countless books, blogs, articles, types of plants, planting charts, how to know if you are doing the right thing, and worse - a wake of dead plants in your trail.

This is daunting for most and enough to scare any novice away.


But it doesn’t have to be.  I’m Michael Moll and I believe YOU can grow food anywhere and I want to show you how. We’re building My Green Space where you can create your own garden in any space – no experience required.  It’s easy; go to and answer one question - how much space do you have?

It can be as small as a window-sill, a simple patio, or a spacious backyard.  My Green Space creates a 2D map of your garden where you can drag and drop the food you want to grow based on ideal plant placement, your climate, and the current season. We help you fill your garden and let you know what plants grow best together.

Once you have designed your own personal garden, we ship your selections straight to your door, whether it be seeds or a complete kit.

But it doesn’t end there.

My Green Space is with you every step of the way.  Our companion app is like having a master gardener in your back-pocket that tell you where to plant, when to water, best practices, and when to harvest.

Still feeling stuck?  Get your questions answered by experienced gardeners in the My Green Space forum.

Our mission is to cover 100,000 acres of urban space one garden box at a time.

But we need your help.  Support our indiegogo campaign and help us raise $20,000 to make My Green Space a reality. We will use the funds to develop the online platform, create the companion app, and help with marketing this concept.

Interested? Join our beta group and we will keep you in the loop.  



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