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Clean up the Beach in Whiterock

Funding Objective: $750
Days left
By trichashort@hot...

WHITEROCK BEACH CLEAN TO HELP HAITI! This year April 19th 2015 at 1:00pm we are pulling out all the stops and tackling West Beach!! Whiterock's famous beach with the Promenade, the Pier and the Strip. Last year was great, friends, family and newcomers helped clean up East Beach and really brought us all together!! New friendships were made and lots of kids getting involved and being part of the wonderful community we all know and love the WORLD FAMOUS WHITEROCK. We are glad to thank Pitch-in Canada who is providing Picks, bags and gloves. Soo appreciated!! We want to encourage all who enjoy spending time at the beach to come and take part on April 19th at 1:00pm bring your friends, your kids, your neighbours and your appetite! We will be offering great deals to feed all volunteers and curiosity seekers. Lets clean-up, protect the seaside, the views, the wildlife and our humble community beach in Whiterock BC Canada. Many Thank-you's in advance!

Lots of love Tricha Short.

Category: Community
Location: Canada
Expiry: Monday, April 20, 2015 (All day)
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Thankyou all so much for your donations! Looking forward to seeing all of you who come help clean up the beach this Sunday April 19 th at 1pm. We will meet at West Beach Bar and Grill. We are over two thirds of the way to our goal of 750.00. I am excited to share that Laura is scheduled to leave for Haiti in July so we will have the funds to her early, What a blessing all of your help will be to those in need!Please continue to share the link. New updates will come shortly. Thank-you for keeping and helping Whiterock's beaches stay clean! Yours truly Tricha Short